Winter Wedding Themes: Ice Princess

Winter wedding theme for the ice princess is the perfect opportunity for you to show off the beauty of winter and to direct the headlight so that all eyes are over you. The most common color schemes for this wedding involve red, different shades of blue, gold and silver; However, the color scheme is quite flexible.

If a bride chooses, she can even choose a color scheme of pink and silver. When it comes to the upholstery for the wedding party, you should look for clothing and makeup designs that contain silk, satin and velvet. For the bride or her bridesmaid, a bride may consider choosing the design or accessory with the faux fur trim.

In order for a bride to play the "Princess" aspect of her wedding theme, she should consider using a silver tiara in her hair accessories. This is the chance that her wedding dress should be as top as she wants. Many women choose to choose a dress on dress. To complement the overall princess theme, the bride and bridesmaid can wear formal elbow length gloves. The vests and booms of the groom and the craftsmen should preferably match the accent colors at the wedding ceremony and reception.

If possible, you should look for a place for your ice princess wedding that resembles a romantic castle, a formal mansion or even a ballroom. Large fireplaces, crystal chandeliers and a plethora of white flowers all contribute to the marriage of your wedding program. Ideally, you should use flowers in your schedule that are in season during the winter, like Christmas present, holly and berries. In order to convey the underlying theme in the winter, you can also bring snowflakes in your overall design scheme. Snowflake invitations, a wedding cake with a snowflake design, or small snowflake as wedding favors can all be effective methods of transferring your theme.

The ideas that you incorporated into your ice princess theme wedding will only be limited by your imagination. For example, you may want to arrive at your ceremony in a horse carriage. Crystallized dresses and a wealth of diamond jewelry can also add to the theme. Since the winter season is considered "low season" for weddings, chances are to secure the sellers and place you want to have quite high. In addition, you can get a discounted price for their services.