Vintage Lighting: Action Lamps, Stained Glass Lighting and Lava Lamps Are Here to Stay!

Since the beginning of the 20th century, light designers have created lamps and luminaires to capture our senses. Just as the calm feels you are staring at a warming fire or the tension feels you are staring at a light beam's fading, accent lamps – those with colorful glass patterns, mythical figures, pastoral scenes or actions, evoke our emotions.

While lighting is a function of lighting, many of the sensors in the sensory incense, including lava lamps from the 50s and 60s, as well as animated action lamps from the 20th and again in the 1950s, favor more the sense of accent, entertainment and decoration than the practical function of the work lighting.

Static yet colorful stained-glass lighting appeals to eye sugar. Beautiful pattern of Wisteria, Iris and natural capturing, whether they are lit or not. Not much has changed since pioneer Louis Comfort Tiffany introduced his first stained glass paintings more than 100 years ago. Vintage original Tiffany fixtures can be purchased for more than the cost of a reduction for a home in San Francisco.

Light bulbs, like the 1920's animated lights, have popular scenes like water like cascades over Niagra Falls or flames burning around a log. It is no wonder why advertisers tried to reintroduce action lights again in the 1950s. In the 1950s, these moving lights were brought back to life with Cole Swimwear models or popular snacks and drinks such as popcorn or cola and would rest on the counter for a bar for everyone to enjoy!

Lava lamps also captured our fascination with colorful lighting and movement. Today, these and the above-mentioned vintage lights continue to be popular. Collectors can search higher valued originals, while the homeowner can be just as satisfied with modern reproduction. Adding the feel of a place, these types of luminaires are here to stay!