Using Bathroom Light Fixtures As Simple Solutions for Small-Space Bathrooms

When you live in a mansion, you can have bathrooms as wide as your living room. But if you only have a smaller pillow or housing unit, you will surely have a small space for your shower and grooming use. The bathrooms can only be a fraction of the bedroom. No matter how you wish you could have a bigger one, your limited property will not allow it anymore.

Any homeowner facing this problem will surely find it a great dilemma to start. Moving to a larger space is an option but if the finances do not allow it, you must stop and address the problem of wise strategies.

Small space bathrooms can be given a larger look and you do not have to knock down your property walls. There are simple solutions you can take advantage of and they involve the use of bathroom lighting fixtures.

Lighting can make a trick for an eye that can make all the small spaces look comfortable and wide. You can certainly apply this in your bathroom space. They are affordable means where you can introduce more space than taking over a major renovation project. Some pieces of lighting will do and they do not even have to be expensive units. So how are you going to make it happen? Here's how.

No matter how small your bathroom is, there are still delimited areas in them. There is a section for shower, toilet and sink. One of the best things you can do is break up the space by placing separate recessed lights in the area. This will create an illusion of a bigger place. In addition, it is also in compliance with the lighting principle, where you must provide focused lights on work zones.

Create a point of contact in the room. You can do this by choosing chandeliers, ceiling lights or hanging units. You can also use small ceiling fans with light kits in them. Having this in the middle of the room draws your attention and the luxury that they imbue gives you a feeling of excess space instead of thinking about how small it is. This will also act as your general lighting in your bathroom.

You also need to fashion a distraction. By creating extra interest as what you would do by directing the light beams to the tiled walls or marking the small cupboard in the room, you will be drawn to look at these things instead of focusing your interest on the size of your space. This also responds to your need for some accent lighting.

Finally, it is important to choose bathroom lighting fixtures that are either too large or too small. Their dimensions should only be suitable for the size of the room. Remember to incorporate long or straight lines that help fool you into thinking that it is a much larger space.