Transitional Style Interiors – Sophisticated Mogul

Transitional interiors have the best of both worlds: traditional and contemporary.Staying in the well-known realm of tradition, but making it nice with fresh new ideas. Traditional architecture and designs have a beautiful appeal and when they are fresh they stand out as even more classic. An updated historic home carries its character but the modern furniture gives it a modern edge.

With inspiration from the past, it is really about the ancient architectural design, the porches and the vintage doors with beautifully carved authentic detail. Handmade in dark forests play patina perfectly with neutral walls where you can show contemporary art. Blue-blue carved sleeves, green floral wardrobes, muted red chests trickle colors into the interior. Bring ton-on-tone furniture and furnishings that oxidized wood accent cabinets or the older white console, play down the dramatic angle.

Branded brass with soft, warm undertones accentuates the wooden patinas of the cabinet. A large floor mirror made of an old architectural door frame gives a focus on the living room. Crystal chandeliers complement traditional elegance nicely. Symmetry is important to keep the room balanced and in harmony. The large TV screen is balanced with 2 arches on both sides that have been converted into bookshelves. The fabric fabric on the couch puts a stop without doing it for contemporary. Extravagant silhouettes, traditional weaving fabrics and decorated fabrics draw attention to the walls. Carved wall panels in the tree of life accentuated by simple straight drapes that only foam on the floor, clean and stylish lines, too much fabric gives an unshakable effect.

Globally inspired carvings and sculptures collected by you on your travels appear on the walls with accent lighting that focuses on their unique artistic details. Wide leaf burns and green foliage play beautifully with the dark patina wood and the neutral walls. The vintage whitewashed iron work screen is of interest to the simply furnished living room. The turquoise blue coffee table adds a pop color, subdued but gives the room a living. Vibrant textures and handloom cotton lace weaves add interest while retaining the modern style.

The bedroom with a single upholstered bed has a unique handmade armoire with beautiful crown molding and muted patina, perfect in balance with the vintage media console. Some selected pieces give a room a sense of refined elegance. Harmonization and balancing of traditional design with modern style, interiors that focus on comfort and style, transitional interiors have a classic atmosphere of sophisticated elegance.