Top Kitchen Gallery Design Tips

The fridge's layout, known as the kitchen, is among the several standard designs that have been developed to offer ergonomic advantages when using the kitchen. A kitchen gallery basically combines your work space that is sandwiched between two walls against each other.

If you have a thin kitchen, this layout is perhaps your most effective layout. Between your two walls you would have a single lane with an opening at one end or even both ends. A jumper can be as long as you can wish; All you have to do is split the location into several workplaces.

Whether it's a new exchange plan or an old one, consider the following tips and ideas:

Gallery Planning

Before you even begin, you must have full confidence in your design plan. Identify the places where you want to place particular fixtures or appliances and take time to plan – never hurry up on the planning aspect. Find and engage the right people, experienced and you can easily and freely communicate with.

Since getting trusted experts can be challenging, make sure you get reliable references and follow them up. Make sure they have the necessary licenses for your specific kitchen job. You can visit a number of websites designed for home improvement services and see what kind of feedback they get and also read their recommended section.

For example, Australia's best-selling kitchen publication, Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly is an excellent resource as it displays a variety of ideas, new products and company profiles.

Golden Triangle Layout Rule

Getting the most optimal kitchen layout is about functionality and practical properties. It's about having every single thing where it should be and where you can easily access it. That's what kitchen designers refer to as ergonomics, usually achieved with the Golden Triangle concept. Here you place the kitchen sink, hob (oven / stove) and refrigerator in a format that forms a triangle.

Kitchen Storage

Use as much as possible any available kitchen space. Also cut down on the mess and try to create a safe working environment. In your gallery layout design you can include overhead cabinets that go directly to the ceiling and deep drawers to store your cooking pots.

Good ventilation

Nothing can be as dissatisfaction as meeting the smell of evening food when you enter a house. Proper ventilation of your kitchen can greatly help to avert this social disaster as an important safety measure.

Gallery Lighting

Your kitchen needs good light sources. Therefore, ignoring areas around the boiler and the oven with lighting fixtures does not fail. Although the pendants seem to be the trendy thing today, consider installing good quality fluorescents as they provide more lighting for the entire gallery.

As a final tip, if you have an old-fashioned gallery layout, consider an upgrade. Do not shy away from this because you will not be the first: according to the Australian Statistical Office (ABS) as early as 1999, 62% of households in Australia actually lived in homes that had seen some form of renovation over the last ten (10) years .