Top 15 Crafts You Can Do With Popsicle/Ice-Cream Sticks

Its summertime strikes the heat and keeps your children occupied with Popsicle DIY crafts. Here I list over 15 ideas that make them happy, and they can also use these creations for different purposes. People of all ages can try and have fun. These crafts not only make them happy, but also a good stress relief.

· frame:

This is one of the easiest ways to create four to ten pins. Arrange the pins in square, pentagon or any form of your choice, and place the image back on it. You can decorate with stones, buttons, beads, led candles and clay. There are many variations of photo frames, you can also do some searching and gather ideas on doing so.

· Pen Stand / Vase:

The pen stand / vase can be made in two ways. Firstly, you can arrange the stick zigzag or square shape. The second method is to place copper or magazine rolls as a base and paste them.

· Coasters:

Arrange it straight and wrap the duct tape on them, now draw a circle using the compass or some form drive. Paint your underlays with fabric or acrylic and apply a final paint to it.

· Mobile Phone Holder:

Arrange four sticks and make it a square, now repeat the steps five times. Then you have to stick the pins on three sides and leave one side. Now your phone holder is ready.

· Letter Holders:

Creating a card or letter holder is quite simple. You need a base of six to 10. It should look like a thin rectangular box with pins missing at one end. Do not paste it completely, it should be partially covered.

· jewelry:

Making your own jewelry with popsicle sticks is not an easy task. You have to master yourself in cutting it into pleasing shapes. Sometimes it can go wrong, so using sharp cutters would help create amazing pieces.

· Home DIY projects:

Most kids would have fun creating homes and their pets, signs and other details for their projects.

· Bookmarks:

Draw your favorite carton characters or paste stickers at the Popsicle end. You can also bookmark your friend's pictures, magazine images, foam sheets etc .;

· lamp shade:

You need a little LED or nice color change, and make two popsicle baskets. It should be of the same size and hold it together. You can also goggle for various popsicle lamp shade styles and ideas.

· Chandeliers:

It can be prepared around or square chandelier with different layers. Arrange it with circular base with hooks to attach it to the ceiling. Then you have to create two or three layers.

· Box:

You can create a simple box or multiple storage box for your beads, food spices, jewelry, etc .;

· Puzzle Games:

Instead of spending some money to buy a puzzle game, you can do one for yourself. You need some pictures or if you can paint, paint the pins.

· Popsicle sign:

You can make your own favorite characters like Disney's cartoon, angry bird, animal faces, smiley, etc .; you can also use it as a bookmark.

· Furniture:

In children's projects and home furnishings you can make furniture such as chair, bed, swing and baby cradle. Adds some dolls or toys, jewelry makes your craft fantastic.

· Christmas tree:

Take four green sticks or you can paint them with acrylic paint. Place one vertical and three horizontally with different lengths.