Tips for Lighting Vaulted Ceilings

Wavy ceilings are incredibly appealing to today's buyers. When they were bought or hired, people begin to notice that they can be dark and boring if they are not properly lit. This allows many people to wonder what type of light fixtures should be used and how to illuminate the area in a really, attractive way. Fortunately, a vaulted ceiling surprisingly illuminates easily when you know some basic tips and tricks.


If you have the budget for them, consider installing a skylight or two. Keep in mind that a skylight does not have to be a large rectangular or square window. You can also consider installing tubular skylights that are smaller in scale but even effective when installing them in multiples. In addition, tubular skylights are considerably cheaper than the more widespread major counterparts.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces, especially upward lighting wall sconces, can be particularly useful in lighting vaulted spaces. There are battery powered and hard cables available to suit every budget. These are a great way to get some extra light into space without being overwhelming. With high ceilings, the idea is to accentuate and brighten up the area in the evening's evening time; not to overwhelm or bridge the space with too much light.

Usually in the evening you want your space to thrive and thrive. Overlighting a vaulted ceiling makes space feel great and overwhelming.

Pendant Lights

Another feasible alternative, hanging light, can help light up the dark corners. Downward hanging lamps, however, need not be the best option. Instead, you choose pendants that have clear shades or shades that point to light upwards rather than downwards.

Hanging lights are also among the simpler updated or replaced when you feel the need to update or change the look of your room. This makes them as flexible as other luminaire options.

Built-in lighting fixtures

Built-in light fixtures are perfect for those who want to illuminate their space, but do not want the appearance of additional light fixtures that squeeze their required roof surfaces. In addition, recessed lighting fixtures are highly adaptable to a number of different interior styles, ranging from modern to eclectic.


In recent years, the track lights have begun to come back slowly. Modern versions of this ceiling light have taken light from modern, elegant and desirable. Simply put, track lights are no longer considered a faux pax.

One of the advantages of track lights is that they can easily be installed on a slope, making them perfect for arched ceilings. In addition, track lights have adjustable heads that allow you to change where the light shines, making this customizable especially for vaulted ceilings that have lots of slopes or corners.

Floor lamps

Last but not least, floor lamps that point up the light upwards are a perfectly acceptable way to illuminate a vaulted ceiling. But remember that a single floor lamp may not be sufficient to illuminate a large vaulted ceiling. In fact, you can spend as much on buying several floor lamps that you might have on installing a new ceiling light.