The Inimitable Style of Murano Glass Figurines

It is well known that the glass industry has been around for a long time and the industry has expanded from window channels in ancient Roman times to chandeliers, jewelery, porcelain and even figures. Glass figures have been in fashion for years, but not many realize that Murano glass figures represent a perfect blend of artistic value, beautiful design and quality.

Murano figures are made only in one place in the world – Murano Island outside Venice, Italy. The glass produced on this island is the most sought after glass in the world, and it has a rich heritage and centuries of history. In 1291, all glass makers in Venice were forced out because of the risk of fires from their ovens in large wooden Venice. The government decree made them move to Murano Island, and since then for generations they have lived there and produced some of the world's largest glass.

Handmade with passion and skill, using the instruments and techniques that have not changed much since ancient times, Murano figures are beautiful and unique. They vary in style from classic to modern and come in different sizes, making them perfect for accentuating your decor and creating a highlight in any room of your home or office.

If you want a Murano figure, there are many things to consider before buying one. First of all, if you do not physically buy your figure in Murano, make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller who only wears authentic Murano glass. For you to know if the seller or the maker of the characters are members of the Consortium Promovetro, the only Venetian glass industry organization that promotes genuine Murano glass against the many fakes and fakes that exist in the world today. Quotes from the consortium's website represent over 70 craft and industrial companies on Murano and in Venice. Promovetro has since been working hard to promote the image of Murano's artistic glass with the declared intention of preserving, protecting and defending Murano's thousand-year-old glass, while promoting, developing and assisting in the proper marketing of this important cultural heritage in the world.

Second, you need to determine a shape, size and style that would work best for you. Each Murano glass figure is handmade, so there are many styles, colors and shapes available. There are animal figures, birds, flowers, clowns, orchestral musicians, gondoliers and many other forms. All known Murano techniques can be used to create figures, ranging from Millefiori to Fenicio to Avventurina. Once you have decided on the best possible options to complement your home decor or to add your figurine collection, continue searching among Murano glass makers and importers for the specific chances, even if you cannot visit Murano and order it directly from the glass maker there , someone has it available in their store or on their website.

Last but not least, you must consider where to put it. A genuine Murano glass figurine is not just a decoration, but an elegant well-crafted handmade treasure with rich history. It is a reminder of the beauty and romance of Venice that will create a special atmosphere in your home or office. If you put it on an open shelf or a table where it can catch and reflect light, it will be a highlight in the room, but remember that it must work well with the rest of your decor and color scheme.