Southwest Lamp Shades For an Old Lamp Or New

Southwest themes come in many styles and it also makes southwestern lampshades. Whether you're just starting out with your southwestern interior or having been a fan for years and want to spice up a room, a lampshade is a great place to start. You can also upgrade an old lamp or buy a used and work it by adding a new lamp shade to it.

Rawhide lamp shades say Southwest as nothing else. Rawhide used on lampshades is not tanned, which allows the hide to maintain its own unique character. Most have a laced edge with natural leather for superior quality. These lamp shades are available in several natural colors and are colored so also available in vibrant colors. each one creates his own warm glow. Rawhide lamp shades can be purchased for table lamps, desk lamps, chandeliers and even floor lamps.

Lamp bases are as different as the lamp shades. For a truly southwestern perspective, try one built of real deer. It gives a rather dramatic look. Other bases include aspen trunks, ceramics, Indian drums and wrought iron. Place any of these on a Zapata floor mat or tablecloth for an impressive statement.

Keep in mind that heat can crack raw skin, therefore it is a good idea to condition your lampshade regularly. It is also important that you keep your raw skin out of direct sunlight and use the recommended effect in light bulbs. A bulb that gets too hot can crack your rawhide. Condition your rawhide every week or monthly depending on the amount of moisture you live in. A good conditioner to use is newborn oil. With the right care, your raw hair lamp will maintain its wonderful southwestern look and structure.

Chandeliers with rawhide shades make a dramatic statement to any room. These tiny chandeliers shades also have stitched leather edges. They come in many colors, designs, a few shapes and several sizes. Brown chandelier shades look sturdy and will give a cozy glow to your room. Red chandelier shades also look southwest and eclectic. Teepee shaped rawhide shades are also available and would look good in any room in the house, even a children's room. Which child would not have a teepee lamp in his room? Kokopelli chandelier shades are also available. These give a sense of spirit and fun to any southwest decor. Ponderosa Pines is another alternative to chandelier shades and will add a log cabin feel to your room.

There are so many rawhide lampshades to choose to choose just the right one is a challenge. For more help with this and to see what is available and where to shop, visit.