Old Trends Becoming New Again in Today’s Home Interior Designs

Want to know about new home decor trends for 2009? Maybe you are preparing your house for sale, have a new custom home built, moved to another office complex, or simply want a change of landscape. There are many different styles, themes and flavors when it comes to decor. Now that builders offer their customers so many customizable options, there are some clear trends that emerge. Open floor plans continue to be popular, along with energy-efficient patterns and practical ideas that are tasteful.

Homes during the 19th century and into the early 1900s were special. Large family home was actually designed to be distributed outside the house in separate distinct areas. For example, the house would have servants' quarters on the ground floor near the kitchen, while the family's neighborhoods were all located upstairs. Just outside the parents' master bath was a private bathroom, while a powder room was downstairs. Often the children's quarters lay in a hall in their own separate area of ​​the house, to give the parents some degree of integrity and expression. It could have been a wagon house for guests or in-laws. This interior training is popular again for 2009, with two or three bedroom suites and extra bathrooms being more popular. Most buyers prefer the children's bedroom to be located on one side of the house, while parents and oath room live on the other, which allows a space that is favorable for sleep. Located in an isolated part of the home are the secondary suites, usually 300 to 400 square meters in size and contain full bathrooms and sometimes living areas.

The family room continues to be popular in 2009, according to experts. Rear everyday life, which means that the living room and kitchen are behind the house, is becoming increasingly popular. This allows the parents to cook and still keep track of the children playing in the family room or entertaining the guests and still be able to take care of things in the kitchen. Many modern designs have smaller walls in common rooms with an "open concept" feel. Summary rooms with half walls are good for kitchens, cottages and dining rooms. In addition, Americans began adopting the European idea of ​​outdoor seating. So today we find houses with their own outdoor kitchen, pizza ovens, fireplaces, chandeliers, artwork and comfortable furniture on a covered patio.

Home decorators tend to make a sense of timelessness. Blue and green are popular in rooms as bedrooms because they offer a soothing feeling. As the center of the home, the kitchen often becomes bright shades, from designers, like cool splashes of yellow, red and orange. There is a lot of versatility in the living rooms; You can go with dark and elegant or modern and white. The bath design often aims to create the feeling of a "home spa", which contains crystal blocks to allow light in, with rich brown accented with pastel colors and tiled floors in relaxing shades. A custom design will draw all the rooms together for a unified feel.