Mission Style Lighting – Warm and Inviting Lighting Style For Home and Garden

Mission style lighting is a simple style outdoor lighting characterized by its bold but simple geometric shapes, its use of organic, earthy materials such as oak and cherry wood, copper, brass, tin and iron; colored glass, slag glass and mica. The mission type for home design and home furnishings was originally associated with the Spanish missionaries living and working in North America southwest.

The characteristics of Mission design are straight lines and simple design. Mission types typically have architectural details such as textured stucco walls, twisted columns and rounded designs of their windows and doors. Decorative details can include patterned tiles around the windows and on the walls, stone carvings and elaborate barbecues. In contrast to Victorian furnishings, the mission style is basically simple, not fancy or super detailed. The mission type is a unique American offshoot of an English and American design philosophy called art and craft movement.

Art and craftsmanship started in England at the end of the nineteenth century when a group of painters and craftsmen critically criticized mass production, machine furnishings and decorative products from the industrial era. Artists and architects rebelled against the dehumanizing effects of industrialization and mass-produced products. Artist colonies were founded to explore individual crafts and creativity.

American designers picked up the style and became very popular in the early 1900s. The arts and crafts movement emphasized creating harmony between the interior of the interior with the outside of the outside. "William Morris, Gustav Stickley and Frank Lloyd Wright are among the most famous designers who produced furniture and architecture in arts and crafts, while many others produced ceramics, glasses, textiles, wallpaper and silverware in the same veil." (Barbara Mayer)

Mission type outdoor lighting is widely available on the market today. The many beautiful options include wall cones, chain-hung chandeliers and hanging fixtures, posts and column-mounted fixtures – all perfect for your deck, porch or outdoor living room and kitchen. These light fixtures are of strictly geometric design, with colored or slag glass, or translucent mica, which is put into a frame made of wood or metal. Lighting fixtures are earth tones such as cream, amber color, deep green and brown, burnt yellow and oranges, dusty rose, sapphire blue. These outdoor luminaires will look and feel handmade even if they are not. Tiffany style glass panels in geometric, right-angled patterns are also easy to find. Because Mission lighting is made for the inside and outside, you can coordinate your interior and exterior decoration. Good, because the holistic design method is an important basis for the Arts and Crafts philosophy!

Creating a mission style for your deck, patio or outdoor living room means you can also use design ideas from styles such as Art Nouveau, Prairie Style of Architecture, bungalow style houses, Mission Oak style furniture, Tiffany stained glass, Mexican rustic, and definitely the English landscape designs. Gertrude Jekyll and Edwin Lutyens. Mission style is simple and accepts an eclectic mix of elements, as long as all elements together create squares and rectangles, strong earthy colors and rustic, handmade looks.