LED Lamp Manufacturers and Suppliers

LED lamps take over the industry in recent years, the reason they have greater energy consumption benefits compared to previous fluorescent lamps and tubes. The second reason why this type of lighting is good for indoor purposes is that they do not emit heat, within normal room temperatures. They are also preferred for their brightness and readiness to shine rapidly compared to other light bulbs.

Indoor luminaires are designed in a way that provides maximum room lighting while maintaining the desired room interior. These lamps can be mounted on the ceiling or mounted on the walls to enable light illumination. The lamps can also lie on the floor or on a stand that is evenly distributed in the house. These fixtures are a work of art designed to give a feel to the room's atmosphere, either when the lights are on or when they are off. They therefore need great consideration for the fact that they should complement the wall color, the texture and the general room design.

Factors to consider when deciding on a lighting fixture

· The room space of suitable luminaires must allow the entire room to be well and homogeneously illuminated. There should not be parts of the room that are dimly lit while others seem bright, this entails the visual imbalance throughout the room.

· Different rooms in the house require different forms of lighting, for example, the light in the bedroom differs greatly from that used in the living room. Depending on the room's purpose, the lighting community should highlight it.

· Energy supply from the power supply company, the number of LED lights should not exhaust the amount of energy in Watts delivered to the specific household. However, we have seen that these are large energy savers and therefore suitable for use.

Types of LED wall and ceiling lamps

· Wall cones These are usually fixed on the wall surface; They spread the light either up or down and are normally used to add decor and harmonize the room's atmosphere. They can be shaded to direct the light to the desired angle.

· Built-in type of luminaire, these allow the lights to be over the ceiling. Thus, they work as the light comes from the ceiling. With this, the light is more uniform and can be used in areas that require light concentration.

· The pendants, this is where the lamps are suspended from the ceiling and disperse the light department.

· Chandeliers, these are also suspended from the ceiling, but their lights are upwards and are used more for decorative purposes.