Horse Riding Clothing: The Essentials

If you’re about to take up horse riding, or you’re just trying it out, what to wear is definitely something you need to consider. This article looks at the basics of horse riding clothing.

What clothing do I need?

The most important item of horse riding clothing is a correctly fitting helmet. This is a safety essential and should be fitted by someone who knows how to do this properly. The Helmet should fit snugly, not too tightly, but enough that it does not rock forward or to the side. Different brands vary slightly in shape, so try a few on to get the best fit for you.

A well fitting pair of jodhpurs ensures comfort in the saddle. They are designed to allow freedom of movement and protection from rubbing. Again these should be snug fitting, but only so much so that you can still move freely.

Optional extras that could be useful in your equestrian clothing wardrobe are a jacket and fleece for riding. These are specifically designed for comfort and fit whilst riding in various weather conditions. Again, gloves are not an essential, but will ensure protection for your hands and additional grip on the reigns, so they are very useful.

What about footwear?

You will need a pair of boots with a small heel of between 1 and 1 and a half inches. These can be long riding boots, Jodhpur boots or yard boots. Which boots will be most appropriate will depend on the type of riding you’re doing, and you may find that you want more than one style of boot for different activities.

What should I wear for horse shows?

The basics are a dark jacket; navy or black are ideal, a white button-up shirt, light coloured jodhpurs (for example cream or white), long riding boots and a dark helmet. There may be specific requirements for some disciplines and shows, so it might be a good idea to check this out beforehand if you are new to an event.

Where can I get horse riding clothing?

There are many brands of riding clothing including HV POLO, Harry Hall, Mark Todd, Dublin, Saxon, Equi-Theme, Caldene, Saddlecraft, Toggi and more. They offer ranges of clothing, accessories and footwear for all ages and sizes and all budgets. Horse riding clothing is available from specialist equestrian shops and websites, so you can browse and find exactly what’s right for your requirements.