Gymnasium Lighting Requirements You Must Know

There are exact lighting requirements for high school where people participate in sports activities such as volleyball, basketball and gymnastics, so players can see clearly and be sure to play. Usually, the lamps used will be determined by the high school.

Single Beds Layouts

On a single gym or floor in the floor, lights will be installed in the ceiling and they will be separated in rows equally. The size of the gym determines how many lamps to install. A small high school with just 5 meters around each basket and side line can be suitably lit with 8 light lights that are evenly distributed along the roof. On the other hand, if high school is very large, it will require more light so that it also covers dark spots. About 24 evenly distributed light bulbs can be hung over a large gymnasium court and they must be mounted 22 meters above the floor in the gym.

Double Room and Triple Court Layouts

Some gyms have two basketball courts side by side while others have a third major court that runs perpendicularly through the middle of others. Floor in gym as this is apparently very large and requires lighting according to their sizes. The total number of lights that can be used varies between 36 and 64, depending on the amount of surrounding area of ​​the court. They are usually hung at 22 feet above the ground and evenly distributed in rows along the roof.

Twin Lights

Twin lights are used on basketball courts and high schools because they are more advantageous than the simple light fixtures. They consume less electricity over time, more efficiently, are intensely bright, often have a longer life span and create a softer glow on the floor of the gym. However, they are ideal for smaller gyms and can be hung in two rows over the court in sets of 12, but there is no need to evenly accommodate them. They can be hung when needed along high school, so that they can light any dark spots that may be present. They should also be hung at about 22 meters above the ground in accordance with acceptable standards.

High school lighting must be properly performed so that games played on it will be completely enjoyable. Therefore, it is important to get the lighting right in addition to other requirements that make the gym a regular one.