Finding the Best Places to Stay at for Your Luxury Escapes in the United States

Finding the perfect luxury holiday club does not always mean you have to leave the country. You don't even have to look far because the US hosts different hotels that offer the best luxuries. Here are some of them:

A truly vintage experience at Wentworth Mansion in Charleston, South Carolina.

This charming hotel was once the not so humble residence of Francis Silas Rogers and his family in 1886. In the 90s, it was purchased by Richard Widman, and therefore we now have this 21-room hotel that takes us back in time with its old-fashioned men sophisticated interiors. Spending a few nights in Wentworth will really make you appreciate the classics with their elegant chandeliers, antique fires and fine windows.

Having the best of your luxury escapes at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando Florida.

One of the reasons that guests flock to the hotel is mainly due to its strategic location near Disney World, but it is important not to overlook the outstanding features of the luxury hotel itself. Golf aficionados will surely have the time of their lives here with their 18-hole golf course. If you are not in Disney or golf it is still so much to love about this hotel, as there are world-class restaurants, and their rooms may just be your "perfect!"

An escape from the city within the city at the towers of New York, New York.

As we mentioned earlier, your ideal luxury flight could only be (literally) around the corner. You will definitely see this busy city in different light after a few days at The Towers with stunning views of the Big Apple and undoubtedly excellent rooms and services.

A glimpse of the fast lane at The Peninsula in Beverly Hills, California.

If you've always dreamed of going into your favorite celebrity's shoes and living their lives for a day, you'll surely get more than what you wanted with a few days stay at The Peninsula. Their five-diamond luxury room is something to look forward to, but what really delivers the luxury feel is the driver car transports, sumptuous meals at the top restaurants and a relaxing afternoon at the spa. And oh, there's also a chance you might encounter a celebrity on the way to the pool!

Live the Southern Comfort of the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Hermitage Hotel can be one of the most popular wedding venues in the state, but it also attracts all types of guests looking for luxury flies, and for good reason. Apart from the fact that the hotel gives off all the "secret" southern atmosphere, it also presents its guests a hospitality that they have been proud of for over a hundred years.