Capiz Shell Chandelier: The Beauty of the Seven Seas Right in Your Own Home

It was a time when we were just thinking about chandeliers like the huge crystal and glass ornate lighting fixtures made of wood, wrought iron, bronze and brass. But Filipino artisans debunked this belief when they created an elegant lighting fixture that utilizes materials that have been harvested from the seas around the Philippine archipelago. Capiz Shell Chandelier is the name of this lamp.

Many chandelier lovers have described the Capiz Shell chandelier as owning a piece of the beach directly in your own home, simply because the main decorations of the light fixture are made of seashells. Commonly used materials in the manufacture of this chandelier include the shells in the oyster window and the pearl marrow, harvested by the Capiz city craftsmen from the shallow coasts surrounding the Panay island. For a Capiz Shell chandelier to be considered genuine, it should be made entirely from the Capiz shell (or with a blend of other Philippine offshore materials). Although the chandelier is already considered reasonably priced by many who have bought it, those who cannot afford it on their small budget can instead go to imitation Capiz chandeliers that have shell-shaped pieces of PVC for ornaments. However, these imitated chandeliers cannot duplicate the suppressed transparency of the paper thin Capiz shells, making Capiz chandeliers truly unique lighting fixtures. In fact, those who own a chandelier or two claimed that its glossy glow resembled the warm red color of a sunset over the horizon of the ocean.

A simple online search gives you an idea of ​​the many styles that Capiz Shell chandeliers are available. To help limit your choices, always consider your personal taste, the amount of light you need in the room and the interior and interior you currently have in your room. For a relaxing, atmospheric atmosphere, choose a chandelier in the modern minimalist style. On the other hand, if you want to turn your room into a tropical paradise on Copacabana, go to multi-tiered or multi-armed chandeliers. Capiz Shell chandeliers are not just a feast for the eyes, they are also a humility to the ears because of the delicate tinge they produce when blown by a gentle breeze. While most chandeliers have been fitted with brass or copper wires, there are varieties where Capiz jewelry has tied to the frame with fish lines.

Because the Capiz Shell chandelier stock is likely to run out quickly in your favorite online store because of their high demand, make sure you order your own chandelier today!