Bridal Jewelry Inspired by Michelle Obama

Not only is the new United States of America a perfect professional and a loving mother and wife, she also has a fantastic taste! Michelle Obama has seen that it looks so amazing that even A-list celebrities borrow fashion ideas from her. For the bride you can get some inspiration for your bridal clothes and other accessories from Mrs. Obama's wardrobe.

Michelle Obama is clearly a woman who knows that the accessories make the clothes. From her bold green gloves and shoes at the inauguration, to her collection of striking belts, to her wonderful jewelry, First Lady has a knot to choose just the right accent to really make an outfit stand out. When you marry and put together your bridal ensemble, you can use the same concepts to join an extraordinary look.

One of Mrs. Obama's favorite jewelry items are pearls. She has seen wearing pearls with almost every description, and this is a great place for a bride to start shopping. You will want to match your pearl bridal wear to the style and neck of your wedding dress. The great thing about pearl wedding jewelry is that it can be traditional, bold or even the edge that First Lady has shown.

When you consider pearl jewelry for your wedding, start by looking at the neck of your dress. If it's a V-neck, consider wearing a classic bead, just as Michelle Obama did with her bright ProBran Schouler cobalt robe. For necklace jewelry, a longer pearl corner is a wonderful alternative, worn by First Lady on a visit to Howard University.

Beads can also be used in more bold and modern designs, as seen on Mrs. Obama at the Governor's Dinner. For the black tie shop, she had a sparkling strapless coat and accessorized it with an oversized crystal and pearl necklace with several strings. This is a great choice for a bride who wants her wedding jewelry to really make a statement!

Necklaces are not the only type of jewelry that you can choose to wear for your wedding. If you want to try a more unique kind of ornament, check out a big pearl brooch like the one that Michelle Obama paired with a turtleneck dress to wear on an event at the Kennedy Center. A bride can customize this idea by squeezing a large and spectacular pearl or crystal brooch at the waist of her dress or the place where her train rushes on the back of the upholstery. The effect is pure elegance.

Of course, pearls are not the only type of jewelry worn by First Lady; she also loves some sparkle! Emulate her old Hollywood glamor by choosing a dramatic pair of crystal chandelier earrings. Just like the diamonds, Obama wore the opening ball. She finished the look with a stack of thin diamond bracelets, but beautiful crystal wedding bracelets would work just as well.

If you're looking for the style factor on your wedding day's ensemble, you can't do much better than inspiring Michelle Obama. Her beautiful clothes topped with just the right accessories have a simple elegance that any bride would love to bring to her wedding. You will find that with the right bridal clothes and other details you can also look as stylish and stylish as other women want to copy you!