Bathroom LED Lighting: Make Use of Your Bathroom for All Its Purposes

It is always recommended that the light above the mirror is soft (but not so soft), enough to see your reflection properly. If the brightness is very low, there may be shadows on the face when using it for vanity. The light should equally illuminate your face, so instead of having one, it is advisable to have several light bulbs. At the same time you should not use luminaires as this also makes the lighting uneven.

If the light comes from different angles, all parts of your face will be illuminated equally. For example, when using makeup, you should be sure that both sides of the face are equally made, but if the light falls differently on both sides, you will never be sure if it is not really even or the light shows it as such.

If you have a bathtub, light the area with soft lights. You take a bath to soothe your nerves and relax and with minimal lighting you can get the feeling of being in a spa. If you have showers it is better to get light from the water, preferably in the ceiling. It should never be a naked light bulb, built-in lighting is also a good idea.

There should be a lot of light in the bathroom, but you should be sure that you do not put it in an unplanned way. Plan what use each corner should serve and light it accordingly. LED lights are useful in this because they are cost effective and bright.

When it comes to colors, it is always better to use yellow light because it is not hard. It adds to the aesthetic and makes the bathroom warm, a place to relax. You can also install a dimmer switch to change the light according to your mood and time of day.

The mirror should also be placed in a way that during the day has natural lighting. Design the interior of the bathroom accordingly. There should be plenty of bright light, it is always good to have an alternative. Some people also prefer light over the mirror, so make sure the size of the lamp is proportional to the mirror.

Shadows over the light can hinder its brightness, so if you still have them, you should use bright shades with higher-voltage bright LEDs, probably 60-80 watts. But the most important thing to remember is that all lamps in the bathroom must be energy-saving and cost-effective. Nobody likes paying an exorbitant electricity bill after all.

While making a bathroom in business places like restaurants and hotels, the interior is somewhat different. People frequent restaurants and hotels to break away from their everyday lives at home and in the office.

Places like restaurants, clubs and cafes require lighting that is long-lasting and can run long hours of the day cost-effectively. Because they always need lighting and only rarely are they switched off, it is best to choose an LED that is energy efficient. People prefer to have yellow fluorescent LEDs, but it is best to use a lamp of 60-80 watts. It makes it easier for people to see their face in the mirror and use it for grooming or touching. If it is a single door care, it is best to have high voltage lighting, but if there are several booths with a powder room, make sure it is lit. Shopping malls and shopping complexes usually prefer white light or a mixture of white and yellow lights. It is best to keep the cabin medium light and the light near the mirrors is sharp.

In hotels it is preferred that bathrooms use several lights for different parts. The lamp above the bathtub or shower room should have dimmers for guests to choose their preferences. The main idea behind staying in a hotel is to have a free time and relax. Hidden lights are a good idea to create an atmosphere of relaxation. Guests prefer to have yellow lights because it is soft on the eye but it is still bright. Over the seat people prefer a small, soft light, so they can turn on if they need at night and it is not hard on the eyes. Near the pool and over the mirror, the light should be bright so that the face is evenly illuminated. It is good to have ceiling lights with lids so that the light is not direct and hard.

Lighting can create or break an atmosphere. Hard lighting instead of relaxation (like the bathtub) can change your mood drastically and not positively. While we can undermine the importance of atmosphere in the bathroom, it has a lot of effect on our mood. And by playing with lights and styles you can get the perfect atmosphere.