All You Need To Know About Shabby Chic

The trend became popular in the UK in the eighties where it was cheap to buy items that were necessary to decorate the house. Shabby chic styles rarely go out of fashion and the look of items makes it an eternal iconic design technique. The furniture has a sense of history that makes it interesting to look at, which possibly creates a talent point when hosting the guests. The whole concept is to get something to look old but still in a completely new condition, which is generally difficult to find – because it is chic & # 39; part of the term. As long as something still retains its original form and style, it is consistent with the true meaning of shabby chic.

There are thousands of ways to make your home furniture sophisticated pieces, and most of it is extremely easy to do. For example, worn vintage chairs provide the perfect base for modern color and fabric. Chairs that were once boring and unnecessary can now be transformed into the middle of a room with just one lick of color and some TLC. Lighting is also crucial for creating a lovely atmosphere and simply adding a chandelier above a table will make the whole room have an antique atmosphere.

When it comes to remodeling or rebuilding, the money is always the main problem. It is for this reason that shabby chic is so outstanding, as it is easy to recycle old items to new and amazing ones. By building old with fresh flowers with lace, the furniture may look like it is worth hundreds of pounds when you really found it in the wind. Since shabby chic is an English invention, it is not surprising to use tea for the stained linen and make them look vintage is a popular option among decorators. It makes it so easy to get the furniture to grow older at a fraction of the price it would be to buy the new one.

Other ways to integrate the trend into your home include creating your own quilts and pillows, so you can choose fabrics and style that you want to match the existing interior of the room, all for a fraction of the price. For a romantic feeling, buy pots and old vases and arrange beautiful flowers picked from the garden in them – or even buy artificial roses to save those who need constant care. To add to this, an empty corner can be decorated with a basket chair and a decorative pillow, and spray paint can be used to change the color of the wood to a soft pink or sage green in a flash.

Shabby chic style can even spread to the kitchen where fine porcelain can add a touch of class when maintained. Vintage tea cups can be versatile, keeping everything from coffee to cocktails. Matching is definitely not the first rule when it comes to this type of decoration, and with different colors and patterns, it will immediately give interest to plates and plates.

It is always important to note that shabby chic should never be for & shabby & # 39; and if the material looks like it describes being thrown away it does. Use things where appropriate and remember to continue to search for charities and antique shops to find luxury items at a small cost.