6 Enlightening Benefits of Floor Lamps in Homes

When you hear the word "lamp" what image do you like? You probably imagine the table lamp on the bedside table, which gives a little light on your bed reading. Or maybe you think of the lamp that sits on the console table in the corridor, which greets you just before you enter or exit the house. Or maybe you remember the end table in your recreation room, where you put the glass on your favorite drink when you take a game or a movie on TV.

While table lamps are typically the most common lamps in our homes, we should not forget floor lamps as well. Although they are higher than their table lamp or desk lamp, floor lamps can offer a number of benefits that can enhance the interior of any room:

1. Stability

Today's floor lamps, such as Tiffany glass painting floor lamps, are much stronger than previous floor lamps. For example, floor lamps were famous for tipping over, which causes a fire hazard. However, today's floor lamps must meet something called the UL "tipability standard", which requires their bases to be heavy enough.

2. Full spectrum lighting

This allows the lamp user to enjoy the full spectrum of light, including light that the naked human eye cannot detect, such as infrared light. In particular, this feature provides artists using a variety of media, with a type of artificial sunlight that helps reveal how some shades will appear in sunlight.

3. Attractive styles for any size or interior of a room

You probably don't want to match paisley lampshades with checkered wallpaper. Fortunately, floor lamps, such as modern floor lamps and floor lamp in mission type, are available in various styles, which complement the interior.

Today, themes have become "in substance" when creating interior design for a particular room. Fortunately, floor lamps vary from traditional styles and colors to more modern. And with retro models, the old one is new again!

4. Perfect as both a reading or a work lamp

Table lamps can only provide a small illumination area and usually they hardly create enough light to read, which increases the eye distance. However, a floor lamp provides a wider lighting area. So if you watch TV, work on a puzzle or read the newspaper, a floor lamp can provide the right amount of light, which lowers your energy bills.

5. Adjustable brightness.

While the brightness of many table lamps is limited to "off" and "on", floor lamps tend to provide a wide range of brightness. Whether you need minimal lighting for reading or more lighting for your child's board games, a floor lamp usually provides different brightness settings.

6. Reduced eye stretches and glare.

Many homes still use fluorescent lighting in their different rooms. Your eyes deliberately take flicker of such light, which increases the eye distance and glare. While the lamp on a table lamp lights outwards, the lamp's floor lamp lights down. This gives a wider light area that is helpful for whatever activity you do.